Wire Payouts

How does it work ?

How much does it cost ?

A fixed amount

for each transfer included in the list you send us

From 1€ to 5€

for transfers in Euros

From 10€ to 25€

for transfers in other currencies

How long does it take ?

From 24h

for Euro transfers

From 48h

for non-Euro transfers

Why Choose Us

The perfect solution for all

For you

  • Make one transfer for multiple payees
  • Reduce your costs with a flat fee from only 1€ per transfer
  • Control the exact payout day
  • Send money Worldwide in several currencies*
  • Avoid painful and heavy justification processes
  • Increase your partners satisfaction

For your partners

  • To pay no charge to receive their payment
  • To know exactly when they receive their funds
  • To trigger their payment from any amount
  • To be paid in several currencies*
  • To receive their payment in their bank account

*USD,EUR,GBP,CHF,RUB / additional currencies available upon request

About Us

Wire Payouts is, a business introducer for regulated Banks, EMIs and PIs)

With more than 20 years experience, we allows merchants to process online financial transactions from all over the World in a fully secure environment.

Being at the high end of the innovation, we understand the market needs and always find solutions to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

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